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This picture shows parts of a Magnetic Base.  The base can be used for turning the Magnetic Field on and off.  Changes should be made for efficiency, but this is a cheep way to see that the Magnetic Field can be turned on and off.  Using part of a Magnet, knowing what to look for, energy from Magnets is seen by the reactions caused.  

Parts of a
Magnetic Base

The video (226 MB) below is showing an Energy Producing Magnetic Conveter.  Wardforce, part of a Magnet is isolated from the Poles, because NO permanent Magnet is moved and NO POLE is changed, only the Field is in motion ...

Click Video EPMC isolating Wardforce

This video (238 MB) below, shows a Permanent Magnet On/Off Induction Switch, which is used to demonstrate Wardforce exists.  Wardforce is part of a Magnet that is defined as forWARD and backWARD motion and is isolated from the Poles.

Click for video PM On/OFF IS isolating Wardforce

This video is 73.2 MB.  This device using US patent # 7531930, shown on the video was not designed for efficiency, it was built to prove that energy, torque and current can be generated from Magnets when using Wardforce, part of a Magnet and the Poles.  

The Energy Producing Magnetic Converter uses what I call Wardforce,being part of a Magnet like the Poles, to generate torque when current is taken from the coil. 

In the video I show a complete short applied to the coil, and with an AC lamp load torque is generated.  With the drive source not connected to the EPMC in anyway, other than by means of a belt, the EPMC demonstrates energy from the Magnetic Field.  As you can see a 20+ lb weight is added to the shaft with the Energy Producing Magnetic Converter, torque is generated.

Some thing I want to point out about this video:  

  • 1.  We are using a belt to drive the device.
  • 2.  We are moving the Field through a controller (conductor).  
  • 3.  We are not moving a Permanent Magnet, it is Steel and Aluminum that is moving.
  • 4.  Forward motion is demonstrated while current is used (short or lamp) at 3000 rpm.
  • 5.  Backward motion is demonstrated while current is used (short or lamp) at 1000 rpm.
  • 6.  Wardforce is part of a Magnet and it is related to everything.
  • 7.  If we don't teach others what we have learned, what good does it do for the future of our children, or... mankind?

The motion is isolated from the Poles because even flopping Poles, the field is in motion.  Without moving a Magnet these same reactions are demonstrated as flopping poles.  In Lenz’s Law, only one force exists, the opposing force.  How can anything like part of a Magnet be found, if you are not looking for it?  How did he test input, output, speed, scope…?  These test conducted in 1834 are incomplete using today’s standards.   With my claim, part of a Manget exists that allows for an equal and opposite, Wardforce (forward and backward motion).  There is much more to learn from this, a whole NEW field of study, part to the Magnetic Field is isolated from the Poles.

More FREE videos, on other pages.  Click on all the pictures.  After down load is complete, click on the screen to start video.  File type is .MOV used by QuickTime player.

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 If we don't teach others what we have learned,
what good does it do for the future of our children,
or ... mankind?