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Part used

Most of these parts can be gotten from the scrap pile at a machine shop and all things needed are available at any machine shop.  I have been told that after you take a Magnetic base apart, and see how it works, the drawings are easy to understand.


 1. Magnetic base used on dial indicator in machine shop (came with ceramic magnet).

 2. Plastic part (for shaft to Magnets)

 3. Oil (used ATF, water, dry...) 

 4. AC induction motor (cut the coil and core off making U shape)

 5. Vise or holder for unit (as shown on videos)

 6. Mill, Drill Press, Jig Saw... (For turning ceramic magnets)


When you start, go slow; make adjustments so it does not bind.  X, Y, Z on the Mill table was used for alignment and a vise is used with the Drill Press.  The two videos on the next page show how these PM on/off Induction Switches are arranged.  At 1000 rpm backward motion, 2000 rpm no change and at 3000 rpm forwardmotion.  Run with no load up to speed then apply short (load).  If you do not see Wardforce, I will tell you how to see it, just ask.

Click more videos and video how to build for views of each part, how it can be put together, and what is looks like during operation.  Wardforce, forward and backward motion is controlled by speed!  Torque is generated by Wardforce, while the North and South Poles generate an AC current!  With this mechanical Switch, problems with the Hysteresis loop do not exists, because of no air gap between the source and the core, with coil(s) of wire. 

Click for larger view

Click for a larger view

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