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The PM generator is built with the proper materials, has 2 coils that will generate 100 Watts and shows only backward motion when a load is applied.  The PM On/Off Induction Switch has one coil (room for another on the other side),  is made using a solid core (wrong material), does not have a shaft connected to the Magnet (needs a shaft), has other losses that can be corrected and while current is taken forward motion on the shaft is generated.  Video below is 151 MB, it shows a Permanent Magnet On/Off Induction Switch putting out 50 W and with a full load (short) generates a 70 rpm gain.  Click the link below to see video. 

Click to compare 2 PM generators


This pictures shows a 100 Watt Permanent Magnet Generator and a Permanent Magnet On/Off Induction Switch side by side.


Use the link below to see a "YouTube video" showing a 50w output and the gain of 300 rpms, with a full load.

YouTube video

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