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This is regarding your children, mine already know, about what I have discovered. 

Help support my efforts by sharing this verifiable Science, donate money, write letters, send emails, make phone calls, tell others...

A patent is defined as a "new process or an improvement on a process". That means you make an improvement on what I have patented and you get a patent...

The long story short is: I have spent thousands of dollars, my whole life (started on this when I was 15), for what? So that YOU and YOUR children will have the opertunity to learn about this discovery, Wardforce.  What are you going to do that will insure that YOUR children will be able to learn about this discovery? 

The Texas State Board of Education needs to hear from you, the Chair is Barbara Cargill 512-463-9007.  Ask what they are doing to insure that your children learn about Wardforce? 

Part of a Magnet that is not a Pole!  This will be a whole new field of study, MILLIONS of NEW JOBS, advancement on anti-gravity, Space travel...

Don't forget to sign the guest book.  If we spoke, say it.  If you have a question, ask it.  Regards,


If we don't teach others what we have learned,
what good does it do for our children,
or... mankind?