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Now we are training people how to generate clean energy from Magnets, demonstrate Space Travel, duplicate Gravity and Anti-gravity, isolate Wardforce,...
You should know that I have advanced from what I show on this website.  What if...?   
Notes from trainees: "In comparison, energy from Magnets is nothing, after witnessing and learning about these discoveries that you have shared with me."  "I must be privileged to be accepted for the training, thanks for sharing this real Science with me."  "WOW, energy from Magnets is nothing, now that I have seen this!" 

Look at the videos (some are YouTube, some are not), these devices demonstrate how you get energy from Magnets, space travel, tractor beam, gravity, anti-gravity...  Training regarding energy from Magnets is nothing, because free energy from Magnets is only one small benefit to using Wardforce and knowing what it is. 
Should YOUR children be allowed to know how you can generate energy from magnets?  OR only other peoples children?

Who will benefit from this curriculum (Scientific Training)?   How you get energy from Magnets is a homeschool lesson that should be taught to all children.  With my claims, just as everyone else, induction is caused by a change in amplitude.   My claims do not change what is known about voltage, Ohms, resistance... I show that the direction of the motion, generated after current is taken, can be controlled without changing Poles.  I am not just talking about energy from Magnets, green energy, or clean energy curriculum.   How do you get energy from Magnets?  Another part to the Magnetic Field that is not a Pole at all!   

Patent : A new process or an improvement on a process.  That mean you can improve on what I have patented and you can get a Patent!  I have spent thousands of dollars, my whole life (I started on this when I was 15), trying to understand this cause and effect.  For what reason?  The only conclusion is, for YOU and YOUR children to learn about what I have discovered, Wardforce part of the Magnetic Field that is not a Pole at all.  Here is my US patent that claims energy from Magnets.

US patent #7,531,930

This is not about you or me, it is about OUR children's education.  If I continue, the Texas SBOE will make Wardforce part of the TEKS, in 2015.  I prove and you can see that, WITHOUT CHANGING FACING POLES the attraction and repelling (FORWARD and BACKWARD motion or Wardforce), can be caused and controlled.   Reverse polarity is not the only way to cause and control this motion.  FORCE causes forward and backward motion!  Long story short: Wardforce (the force that causes forward and backward motion) is isolated from the Poles, proving clean energy or green energy from Magnets and it is as close to FREE energy as it can get.  This is not perpetual motion, which is defined as getting something from nothing!  I tell what is being converted, Wardforce is converted to torque and the Poles are converted to an alternating current. 

Above:  Left, is a video that tells and demonstrates how Wardforce is isolated from the North and South Poles. 
              Right, video showing what H. Lenz used for his test in 1834 (best guess).  A "Law of Physics" that is not available for review!

Below:  Left, brings questions to "Lenz Law".  The only place this green energy can come from is the Magnet, making it fee energy!
Right, shows with Lamp load applied while forward motion is generated on the shaft, proving clean energy from Magnets!

Ci-dessous: à gauche, soulève la question de «la loi de Lenz". Le seul endroit où cette énergie verte peut venir de l'aimant est, faire de l'énergie honoraires qu'elle!
A droite, montre avec une charge de lampe appliquée tandis que le mouvement vers l'avant est généré sur l'arbre, ce qui prouve l'énergie propre à partir d'aimants!

Unten: Links, bringt Fragen zu "Lenz Gesetz". Der einzige Ort, diese grüne Energie aus kommen kann, ist der Magnet, so dass es gegen Gebühr Energie!
Richtig, zeigt mit Lampe Belastung während der Vorwärtsbewegung auf der Welle erzeugt wird, was beweist, saubere Energie von Magneten!

More FREE information can be found on this and other pages.  These YouTube videos and other videos are also found on other pages.  
Keep checking back for more information regarding green jobs and green education because free energy and clean energy is green energy!

How Magnets work. Each part of our body has a current in it, our heart, liver, lungs…  In simple terms a current is defined as “a Magnetic Field in motion”.  That is the part I have isolated from the Poles, the motion part.  Do you see how Wardforce is isolated and that it relates to everything?  I am using these parts of a Magnet for generating clean energy from Magnets.  Yes, green energy, that is free energy.  Both, torque (which makes your car move) and an alternating current (or DC, both are electricity), with one device without using reverse polarity (swapping Poles)!  We are proving clean energy from Magnets.  We all know that green energy is free energy.  I show why the Lenz Law is wrong, how Wardforce relates to everything and that this "Law of Physics" cannot be reviewed in a language that I can understand.

Conserve energy!  This is about knowledge!  Clean energy from Magnets! How Magnets work!  Part of a Magnet that is not a Pole!  Reverse polarity is not the only way to cause forward and backward motion (Wardforce), this is how Magnets work.  I want other to understand how to conserve energy and that green energy is free energy, not just clean energy. 


Donations will help support my efforts towards telling others about Wardforce and conducting research.  Please share this verifiable knowledge, give your time and or money.   Conserve energy!  Partnerships wanted!!!  See how Magnets work, take a look, conduct some test, ask...  Lets generate millions of NEW jobs and advance Mankind.   While getting a better understanding of cause and effect we can make better choices.  Green energy, is clean energy, that is free energy for everyone! 

Do you see how green energy is made from Magnets and how Magnets work?  Conserve energy by using this green energy process which is a clean energy process, that is free energy, generated from Magnets! 





See validation of claims, or do it yourself
Make a few changes and ...


Reverse polarity is not the real cause for forward and backward motion.  How Magnets work using different parts to generate clean energy!  Green energy, is free energy and it can be generated by using Magnets.  Click here to see 2 different devices, two videos, both demonstrate that Wardforce, North and South Poles are used!  Clean energy from Magnets has been proven, it sounds big, but it is nothing! A part of the Magnetic Field that is isolated from the Poles!  View the videos with free software (QuickTime Player), come see, or build one.  Anyone with a machine shop can build a permanent magnet on/off induction switch, US patent pending #61478379, in a day.  With a list of materials needed, drawings and instructions on how to build a Permanent Magnet On/Off induction switch, while knowing what to watch for, will allow anyone to isolate Wardforce from the North and South PolesIf you are not looking for it, how can it be found?  How can you conserve energy when this knowledge regarding Wardforce is not taught to YOUR children?  

Defining Wardforce:  The FORCE that causes and controls forWARD and backWARD motion.

Share this verifiable knowledge regarding green energy, clean energy, free energy, Wardforce and how Magnets work.   

If we can build this Mechanical Switch in a day, using junk yard stuff, anyone should be able to build or have one built one in a day using whatever is available.  List of materials we used, drawings and video can be found on this site.  Let's conserve energy, generate millions of NEW jobs, and tell others about Wardforce. 

In simple terms, the Lenz Law claims that when current is drawn from a coil, a force (EMF, electro-magnetic force) is generated that always opposes the motion. This is not how a Magnet works.  For every action there is an equal and opposite, according to the Newton's "third Law of Motion"!  This alone should bring question to the "Lenz Law".  As you can see, from the videos, Wardforce is isolated from the Poles.   Knowing that reverse polarity is not the only cause for forward and backward motion, there should be no question that the "Lenz Law" is wrong.  Clean energy from Magnets, as demonstrated and patented, proves that the Lenz Law should not be considered a "Law of Physics".  How can anyone conserve energy using yesterday's technology ("Lenz Law")?

Conserve energy with an US patent #5191258 Electric Current Generator Including Torque Reducing CMF, Energy Producing Magnetic Converter US patent #7531930, and US patent pending #61478379 Permanent Magnet On/Off Induction Switch The Lenz Law is wrong when you see the cause and effect from these devices.  These processes could not be considered in 1834, or even in early 1900's, with the limited knowledge of these forces that they had.  Lenz and others did not have the proper equipment to test these processes.  They did not conserve energy during that time either.  

Reverse polarity has nothing to do with how Magnets work or how to conserve energy.  All three of these mechanical switching processes that we show conserve energy.  They supply a path for the Field, turn the Field on and off and cause torque to be generated when current is taken from the pickup coil.  That is clean energy from Magnets!  Any way you look at it, green energy, is free energy and that is clean energy. 

Everyone knows that a radio wave is electronically turned on and off, that it is controllable using speed and other factors, that it "FORCES" the wave generated first, to become airborne when the second wave pushes the first wave.  Testing Wardforce (slower than radio wave) has shown us other reactions we have not seen before.   We don't have the proper equipment, personnel, or way to test some of these reactions we have witnessed.  This is why I ask for HELP!  So that YOU and YOUR children will be able to make better discussions, through understanding cause and effect!  A part of the Magnetic Field that has been isolated from the Poles!

This website may be gone soon, because of lack of funds.  This knowledge is FREE, because Education is the road to the future!  We need to learn form our mistakes.

Why are YOUR children not being taught about Wardforce, when Magnetism is taught in 2nd and 3rd grade science, here in the USA?  Clean energy from Magnets is generated without reverse polarity, while showing how Magnets work.  Please tell others about how Magnets work, this green energy process that produces free energy, which is clean energy.  Please donate time and or money, towards YOUR children's future.  Conserve energy!

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If we don't teach others what we have learned,
what good does it do for our children,
or... mankind?